• Multiplex Control Pod

    Introducing the next generation of BOP Control Systems


    The 6th Generation multiplex control pod is comprised of three main units. The electrical controls, LMRP function & BOP functions. The electrical consists of fiber optic modems, transformers and I/O blocks for operation of valves and data collection.

    The Hydraulic section is divided into two sections, one that controls LMRP functions and one that controls BOP functions. All of the BOP functions go through the gripper assembly. Upon successful LMRP landing to the BOP, the gripper assembly is extended, latches onto the BOP receiver and retracts it to create a hydraulic path for BOP functions. The LMRP functions are directly tubed to the relevant LMRP functions. The Pod includes multiple hydraulic & manual regulators, including the step down regulator, manifold regulator, annular regulators and connector regulators. The typical pod has 7 total regulators, 5 of them hydraulic pilot (2X Annular, 2X Connector, 1 X Manifold), 2 manual (Step Down/Pilot). Also included is a flow meter to monitor subsea fluid used, helping to give a clear indication of successful valve operation on the stack. Looking at the function path, a fiber optic signal is received and sent to the appropriate I/O block. This block applies 24 VDC to the CCSV which applies a hydraulic pilot to the SPM Valve, shifting it to apply main hydraulic pressure to the appropriate function.


    • Regulators
      • Manifold
      • Annular
      • Connector
    • Sub-Plate Mounted Valves (SPM)
    • CCSV – Solenoid Valves
    • Subsea Gages
    • Gripper Assembly
    • Manifold Assembly
    • Compensation System
    • Electronic Cans
    • Filters
    • Pressure Transmitters