• Rock Catcher


    NOV’s Rock Catcher is designed to prevent rocks or large objects to be transferred through the dry bulk transfer lines and can cause damage to equipment and pipe lines. Large objects are either crushed against the filter or collected in it for easy removal.



    Meets all relevant offshore requirements regarding health, safety and environment

    Complete enclosed unit

    Built with materials and surface protections to withstand the roughest offshore environments

    Field proven technology



    Standard design according to ASME B31.3

    Standard Victaulic rolled groove on piping connection

    Standard Victaulic snap joint for maintenance of filter

    Available with 5” and 6” piping connections. 

    Easy operation and maintenance


    Available Configurations:

    5" and 6" piping connections

    Vitaulic or flanged cap connection

    Differential pressure monitoring


    Dimensions and Weights

    5" / 12552 kg [115lb.]900 [35,4]435 [17,1]320 [12,6]mm [in]
    6" / 15054 kg [119lb.]900 [35,4]435 [17,1]320 [12,6]mm [in]


    Technical specification

    Model no.BTA
    Design temperature6,9 barg
    Design pressure-20oC - +50oC