• Pipe Interlock Management

    With the multitude of machines working on and around the drill floor, accidents can easily happen due to operator error or fatigue.

    Critical situations exist during handover of a pipe or stand between two machines or when two machines are actively working with the same pipe. To help manage these challenging situations, we have delivered the Pipe Interlock Management (PIM). Our PIM is a software-based product that continuously monitors all activities of selected drill floor machines working in a common zone. When operating machines in either auto or manual mode, PIM will stop a machine from performing an action that will damage another machine working with the same stand.




    PIM- Pipe Interlock Management

    Interlocks including, but not limited to:

    • Raising/lowering pipe that is held stationary
    • Rotating pipe that is held stationary
    • Extending/retracting pipe that is held stationary
    • Gripping pipe that is in motion or rotating
    • Open “last securing grip” on pipe or stand

    Available for the following zones:

    • Main well
    • Aux well
    • Standbuilding zone
    • Off drillfloor setback area
    • Pipe catwalk Machine zone

    PIM 3D viewer

    The following is included:

    • Viewer for all machines in the target zone