• Multi Machine Control

    Our Multi-Machine Control (MMC) software helps your operator control a suite of fully automated drilling rig equipment as if it were one machine.

    By using one joystick and looking at one user interface with the MCC software the operator can safely control an efficient and consistent operation. For all our MCC products to work properly, we require up-front collaboration with our salespersons to select appropriate instrumented machines and a process oriented rig layout. MMC software is an advance system that requires skilled and trained operators to achieve its full benefits.




    MMC- Multi Machine Control

    • Setup display(s) and info display(s) designed for efficient use
    • Process display(s) for monitoring during operation
    • CCTV configuration to follow the process
    • Dedicated joystick/keypad commands per process
    • Machinery instrumented for MMC: All commands are verified by sensors (or the operator)


    Available in zones:

    • Main well
    • Aux well
    • Standbuilding area


    Processes may include:

    • Trip in
    • Trip out dry
    • Trip out wet


    Processes may include:

    • Connection with elevated backup tong
    • Connection with iron roughneck
    • Add stand

    Stand Building

    Processes may include:

    • Stand building in mousehole
    • Stand breaking in mousehole
    • Range 2 and Range 3 stands
    • Stand building with Top Drive in Well Center


    Integration of additional racker


    Integration of additional racker

    MMC Riser handling

    Process may include:

    • Riser from riser bay to vertical on drill floor
    • Riser from vertical on drill floor to riser bay