• Maestro Drilling Power Allocation

    Our Maestro Drilling Power Allocation for Cyberbase is an autonomous system that optimizes rig uptime by preventing blackouts while maintaining the most important operation. M

    Machines like drawworks, top drives and pumps are prioritized using smart and adaptive algorithms. The major machine behaviors considered by the Maestro are power consumption, maximum power available, bus tie configuration, alignment of motors, type of machines, speed, acceleration, requirement to hold heavy load, power regeneration, requirement to maintain pressure in the well, requirement for active heave compensation and machine priority setup if applicable. Operational modes and scenarios are also factored in. In a power reduction scenario the Maestro ensures that the drawworks is the last to see the power reduction and the first to access power when it becomes available.


    Maestro Drilling Power Allocation

    Hardware included:

    • PLC controller

    Software features:

    • Blackout prevention
    • Ensured power to Drawworks
    • Minimizes discharge of power
    • Controller cycle time <5ms
    • Smart power allocation based on operational modes

    Advanced Priority

    • 8 Classified priority groups
    • Configurable priority of the groups
    • Assign minimum power requirement per group

    Customized Priority Feature

    • Graphical user interface

    Customized Drawworks Priority Rate

    • Graphical user interface


    • Hardware redundancy using 400 H-PLC
    • Profibus serial link to Power Management System (recommended option to be specified by customer)

    Frequency Response

    Exclusive NOV frequency monitoring device featuring sufficient time monitoring combined with optimized PLC scan cycle to respond in the quickest possible manner.

    Overwrite function for faulty power available signal

    • Set buttons on operator screen displays for each machine to overwrite power available
    • Ramps up consumers power to prevent sudden increase
    • Can only be operated when communication to PMS is lost