• Anti-Collision System

    Our Anti-Collision System (ACS) monitors the position and prevents collision of drilling machines on the drillfloor.

    The machines have position measurement capabilities in all moving axis via sensors that pass to the ACS to dynamically monitor the coordinates and calculate machine exclusion zones. The ACS can then stop the machines automatically before a potential collision occurs if it senses a zone clash. This system will prevent downtime and safety hazards by deflecting all the possible near accidents that could occur on the drillfloor.




    ACS- Anti Collision System


    • Dynamic monitoring of equipment based on available sensors and operator commands
    • GUI integrated with control system
    • Handling of Ignore and release override

    Available for machinery in the following zones:

    • Main well
    • Aux well
    • Offline standbuilding area
    • Off drillfloor setback area

    ACS 3D Viewer

    • Graphical representation of rig floor machinery correctly positioned in a 3D environment
    • Accurate, real time graphical representation of the anti-collision zone around each machine

    SES Safe Entrance System

    The following are included:

    • Interface and interaction with MMC
    • Indication lights installed on the drillfloor (Warning Lights MMC)

    ACS Cranes

    • Networking and communication to the crane controllers
    • Collision avoidance software
    • Override functionality