• CCTV 400-800

    Our closed circuit television system (CCTV-400/800) is included in the drilling equipment package as it is integrated with and operated from our operator station.

    The CCTV Video picture is integrated with all the control system displays. The option to have automatic camera changes in a block position are available. This option provides the operator with optimized camera choices while performing the operation. The value this product system brings is improved safety and efficiency by allowing the operators to view operations from the point of view of any installed CCTV camera.




    CCTV- Integrated Drilling CCTV System

    Hardware may include:

    • Central CCTV server with control software
    • CCTV Keyboard and Monitor
    • Cameras may include, but not limited to:
    • CCTV Camera Ex. Zone 1, Pan/Zoom/Tilt/Wash&Wipe
    • CCTV Camera Ex. Zone 1, Pan/Zoom/Tilt
    • CCTV Camera Ex. Zone 1, Fixed/Zoom w/JB
    • CCTV Camera Ex. Zone 1, Fixed/Zoom 10 FL HydraRacker
    • CCTV Dome Camera Ex. Zone 1, Pan/Zoom/Tilt
    • Software Included:
    • Integration of displays to NOV operator station

    Marine CCTV System

    Hardware may include but is not limited to:

    • Central CCTV server with control software
    • CCTV Keyboard and Monitors
    • CCTV Cameras of any type

    Interface to Marine CCTV

    • One or more feeds between Marine and Drilling CCTV system available for viewing by Drilling operators

    Monitor in DC controlled from Cyberbase

    • Monitor(s)
    • Control software

    CCTV for a LAN/WAN network PC

    • CCTV signal to Ethernet stream converter
    • Routing, satellite connection, and off-site viewing software/hardware not included)

    Offshore Multicable w/Screen, LOT

    • Cable by meter

    CCTV Connection Kit for DCDA Terminal (Analog)

    • Graphics card for installation in the DCDA terminal computer

    Ready for MMC

    • CCTV for 1ea. Well Center includes 4 Dome Cameras (HR IV)
    • In MMC mode the CCTV system automatically switches between cameras to present the most critical operational step to the operator