• Amphion

    Our Amphion Integrated System is a rig control system for managing, controlling and monitoring rig floor equipment in a safe and efficient manner.

    We have accomplished this through the use of color-graphic data viewed on touchscreens that are integrated into our operator workstations. In order to ensure maximum safety during drilling and tripping processes, the driller, assistant driller, and/or pipe handler supervise and control all drilling related functions through the use of activity based screens and equipment specific screens. Our Amphion system has a modular design making it configurable and expandable from land rigs to complex offshore rigs. Our system is field-proven with over 500 systems installed worldwide.




    Amphion System

    • Amphion Workstation(s) with 3 or 4 touchscreens
    • Alarms & Diagnostics screens
    • Drill floor shut down system
    • Mud Logger System
    • Multi-tool control cabinet(s), installed in the LER or Hull and used for housing the tool controllers and network components
    • UPS cabinet, installed in LER or Hull and provided backup power to critical control equipment
    • RigSense / MSI which allows drilling instrumentation integration
    • CCTV and Driller’s talkback systems integration
    • Data Logging within tool controllers
    • Separate networks for remote work stations, CCTV, remote support
    • Removable seat cover
    • Tool Control/Monitoring Options:
    • Top drive
    • Drawworks
    • Mud Pumps
    • Automated Roughneck
    • Pipe Racker System
    • Fingerboard
    • Stand Building Bridge Crane
    • Pipe Deck Machine
    • Pipe Laydown System
    • Bridge Racker
    • Pipe Transfer Conveyor
    • Catwalk Shuttle
    • Pipecat
    • HTV
    • Auxiliaries (HPU, Power Slips, Rotary Table, Hydraulic Catheads, Foxhole Slips, Mousehole Hoist, Trip tanks)
    • 3rd party equipment
    • Power System Options:
    • EasyGen integration
    • Power Limiting
    • 3rd Party Power system integration

    Amphion System Options

    NOV eHawke

    • Additional hardware for NOV remote support
    • Subscription based

    Remote Diagnostic Workstations

    • Workstations for remote monitoring
    • Provides monitoring of Amphion screens

    GPS Time Server

    • GPS time server maintains controller time in synchronization with international time standards.

    Language Translations

    • Allows operator screens on individual HMIs can be switched from one language to another within the operator screens themselves.
    • Operators have the option to adjust translations to better suit their needs.

    Unit Systems

    • Up to five different unit systems can be specified to meet rig needs.
    • Operator screens on individual HMIs can be switched to different unit systems

    Extended UPS Battery life

    • Provides extended battery life in a blackout situation

    Amphion Tool Controls Options

    Top Drive

    Standard Features:

    • Modes of operation: Drill / Spin / Torque
    • Auto torque-wrench
    • Elevator control
    • IBOP manual control
    • Dolly control
    • RLA Rotation
    • Link tilt control

    Optional Features:

    • SoftSpeed II – Stick-Slip mitigation feature
    • Twister – Directional drilling feature
    • Auto-IBOP – Automated IBOP open/close
    • MCWS – Monkey board collision warning system
    • Zone Management System


    Standard Features:

    • Modes of operation: Autodriller / Slow / Normal / Brake Only / Slip & Cut /

                                          Auto=reaming / Brake capacity / Calibration

    • Autodriller Mode (ROP, WOB, Delta-P)
    • Block position limits (Crown & Floor protection)
    • Block speed limits (safety limits, swab, surge, casing speed) to avoid bird-nesting
    • Drilling and tripping process screens
    • Easy to operate joystick control

    Optional Features:

    • Zone Management System

    Mud Pump

    Standard Features:

    • Group mode
    • Control of pump speed to reach pre-defined SPM
    • Belt slip detection (for mud pumps driven by two motors and two VFD’s)
    • Over pressure shutdown (standard if NOV Drawworks control is provided)
    • Pause/Resume feature (standard if NOV Power Systems provided)
    • Monitoring of motor temperatures

    Optional Features:

    • Local control panel
    • Sync Mode – Speed and phase angle adjustment of each mud pump to run close to master pump’s SPM