• BX-4-35 Hydraulic Actuated Elevator

    National Oilwell Varco's BX 4-35 Elevator improves both rig safety and efficiency by providing a reliable actuated hydraulic solution for picking up and handling drill tubulars.


    Tool, where applicable, updated in accordance with governing API standards

    Since the introduction of the BX 1 and 2 elevators in 1996, NOV engineers have continuously striven to improve the operation reliability and safety of its design, resulting in the present BX 4-35 design. Additionally, the new rotary actuator can be supplemented to BX elevators, expanding the elevators' capabilities.


    Enhanced Performance and Efficiency: 

    • Purpose designed for actuated operation
    • Double door design for optimal balance and performance
    • A trigger mechanism initiates closing sequence when pipe is thrown into elevator
    • Hydraulic cylinders located inside the body casting for clean lines and maximum protection, while still remaining accessible for normal maintenance
    • New rotary actuator for easier handling

    Additional Capabilities with New Rotary Actuator:

    • Elevator can be tilted to pick up pipe from V-door, eliminating need for single joint elevators
    • Adjustable tilt angles up to 90º
    • Actuators are speed adjustable
    • Actuators swing out for quick and easy link removal for switching and repositioning elevator


      • Cost competitive with normal rig complement of air-op, drill pipe, drill collar and casing elevators
      • Most cost-effective way to fully actuate all elevator functions


      • Safety lock prevents elevator from opening under load. One door bushing is spring-loaded with linkage connecting it to a locking pin so that any load on this bushing segment engages the pin and prevents the elevator from opening.
      • Latch valve eliminates faulty signals
      • Optional interlock system available to communicate with power slip to ensure control of drill string

      Quickly and Easily Changeable Bushings:

      • Changeable bushings allow one elevator frame to handle all pipe size and type requirements
      • Bushings are locked into place with spring-loaded pins for quick, easy removal and installation
      • Bushings can be changed within five minutes
      • No special tools are needed; no loose nuts, bolts or pins
      • Hinge journals are bushed to put major wear into replaceable components


      Technical Specifications


      Size Range



      2” – 4½

      350 ton


      4½” – 7”

      350 ton

      Drill Collar Zip Lift

      3” – 7¼”

      150 ton

      Drill Collar Plain

      2½” – 7¼

      150 ton

      Drill Pipe

      2” – 5

      350 ton

      Link SizeRange

      2¾” – 4¾”; 350 ton

      Weight of Elevator

      1400 lbs


      Power Requirements

      Minimum Pressure

      2000 psi

      Maximum Pressure

      2500 psi

      Flow rate

      5 gpm

      Number of Hydraulic Lines

      3 at ½” without rotator

      5 at ½” with rotator