• NOVOS: Step into the rig of the future

    NOVOS enables you to oversee sequences of well construction without demanding constant attention, freeing you to concentrate on what is important.



    Envision faster, safer and more effective drilling operations through NOVOS, an operating system that integrates drilling intelligence into your existing NOV control system. NOVOS provides the foundation for consistent and optimized well creation that is scalable across your entire fleet.

    NOVOS is a rig operating system. It manages hardware (rig equipment and sensors) and software (native control system and apps) to provide a common platform - regardless of rig specifications - so that your decisions to control, monitor and optimize your drilling operations are easily and consistently executed across your fleet.

    NOVOS Enables...

    This graph shows a sample of actual traveling block height and illustrates the more consistent NOVOS drilling (right) in comparison to conventional drilling (left).

    NOVOS is able to complete more cycles than conventional drilling, and delivers them more consistently in the same amount of time.


    NOVOS is paying attention

    • Performs repetitive drilling activities, allowing the driller to focus on safety and process execution
    • Enhances the effectiveness of driller skill and experience, while maintaining the capability for the driller to take full control if desired
    • Allows user to set operating parameters that protect your equipment from unnecessary wear and tear

    Simple integration into existing NOV AMPHIONTM and CyberbaseTM Integrated Drilling Controls

    • Minimal hardware and software installation extends the capabilities of NOV controls
    • Easily scalable across rig fleets and integrates the best of human and equipment capabilities to execute the well program
    • All new NOV rigs are NOVOS enabled, and retrofit is also available

    Optimized drilling performance

    • Customized apps can be called upon for your specific drilling requirements
    • Developer packages allow you to create your own personalized apps
    • Advanced security measures ensure system integrity and the ability to integrate third party data feeds