• Pilot 1

    In July 2009, a full-scale Seabox™ subsea water treatment pilot was built and deployed in the Oslo fjord, making this pilot the first of its kind to move seawater treatment from traditional topside facilities to the seabed.

    The Seabox™ subsea water treatment pilot was designed for a capacity of 15,000 barrel per day (bpd). With the combination of a still room structure, electro chlorinator, hydroxyl radical generator, biocide dosing and control / monitoring equipment, the pilot aimed at producing superior water qualities at the seabed.

    During 15 months of operation, the pilot successfully achieved its objectives of providing superior water quality and exceptional operational reliability compared to traditional topsides facilities.

    The purpose of our pilot was to demonstrate and test the combined water treatment efficiency and reliability of a full-scale Seabox™ unit on the seabed. Treatment aspects like solids removal, water disinfection, disinfection system, combined with remote monitoring and control were demonstrated and verified.

    Tests and analyses have proven that the Seabox™ unit provides state of the art protection against reservoir souring and probably the best protection available without including sulphate removal. The inherent simplicity of the system with no filters or no moving parts have also enabled a remarkable high uptime.


    Pictures displays retrieval of the pilot skid.