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    During the last ten years, we have developed and qualified the Seabox™ subsea water treatment unit to a technical readiness level, which oil majors consider as required for inclusion in project sanction. This development and qualification has been sponsored by several oil majors, as well as the Norwegian Research Foundation.

    Through several Joint-Industry-Projects (JIP), we have been able to initiate close cooperation with the oil and gas industry. The latest, and ongoing JIP, is a qualification project to integrate the Seabox™ subsea water treatment unit with subsea microfiltration (MF) and reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, to be able to provide any injection water quality required by clients.

    We believe we can offer a new tool for the oil & gas industry, where the technology is discussed and considered by operators in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Western Africa, Australia, India and South-East Asia.


    Seabox™ unit in a four slot template