• Flowline Weak Links

    Flowline weak links are designed to separate when exposed to an external axial load and by this isolate other vulnerable subsea equipment and prevent even greater damage and spill. Our weak links are especially suited to meet the challenges with drifting icebergs in the arctic regions. 

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    Observations and scans of the seabed have shown that ice has left plow marks as deep as 750 m below surface. This has resulted in the requirement of weak links to be installed on all pipelines in the region.

    We have developed, qualified and delivered a considerable amount of standard flowline weak links in a various range of sizes for this marked with a 100% success rate during installation.

    The flowline weak links are highly customizable and easy to redesign and a swivel version with an automatic released safety valve incorporated have also been developed. As an extra feature a ROV-operated safety cover which can activate or deactivate the separation function can be mounted on the outside. The main purpose for this application is to be used as a safety feature on utility lines between a subsea equipment and an installation vessel.


    Simple and reliable release mechanism
    • Pre-determined shear value
    • Utilizes material properties instead of complex mechanical solutions
    • Eliminates end cap effect with its unique design
    • Completely locked/protected during installation. Easy activation.
    Highly customizable
    • Easily adaptable to customer specifications
    • Incorporation of a release safety valve, swivel and ROV operated
    • Size range: 3-12" inner bore
    Robust design
    • Matches the design life of the subsea system
    • Compact and protected design
    • Corrosion resistant system solutions
    • Neutral to lay-down orientation
    • Hub design to customer requirements
    • Environmental protection, especially in arctic regions
    • Protects other vulnerable equipment from environmental spillage caused by drag loads on the pipelines
    • Can be fitted with release check valves on both ends for spill prevention in case of separation





    Based on design codes, references and customer specifications.