• Weld Cladding

    While welding is a science, true quality is not easily reproducible. That is why Flexibles UK has long been a preferred supplier of top-class cladding and butt-welding. When conditions or regulations require the highest quality, Flexibles UK has the unparalleled welding expertise to keep components safe and covered exactly where needed. 

    Weld cladding and butt welding machines:

    • 5 Fronius Clad Welding Systems
    • Polysoude Clad/Butt Welding System
    • Polysoude Butt Welding System 
    • Fronius Cold Metal Tramsfer Cladding System (CMT)

    Illustration description:


    • Bore to Bore welding with Inconel 625, one of many Qualified Weld Procedures.
    • Inconel 625 Face Cladding