• Turnkey Solutions

    At Flexibles UK, we bring additional value to clients by having a full complement of precision machining, weld cladding and butt welding services collected under one roof. Combining top-of-the-line equipment with decades of experience and a unique collection of skills, we provide Precision CNC Machining, Weld Cladding, Butt Welding, NDT and Heat Treatment services for a range of applications for the oil industry, offshore as well as onshore.

    Excellent quality is based on rigorous control and documentation, and at Flexibles UK, we have made this approach the cornerstone of our philosophy of getting it right, first time. We are fully aware of the costs of poor quality to our customers, so it is our goal to eliminate poor quality by delivering great results through our philosophy.

    For clients, this turnkey approach to industry needs means increased efficiency, reduced logistics costs and greater peace of mind.


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