• Kalundborg

    The Kalundborg (KAL) factory is located approximately 100 km west of Copenhagen. The factory enjoys an exceptional level of manufacturing process expertise based on a proven track record of delivering flexible pipes for the global subsea/SURF sector in all major offshore oil and gas provinces in the world market.

    Every flexible pipe solution is tailored to specific design parameters, and this requires unique collaboration between engineers and operators to convert structurally optimized designs to dependable long-term solutions. Apart from the manufacturing facilities, the KAL factory also serves as the main hub for full-scale testing of Flexibles products and systems. Every year, we carry out several large-scale tests to validate and qualify an ever expanding product envelope.

    Total access 
    The KAL factory occupies a total of 180,000 m2, of which more than 50,000 m2 are under roof containing all manufacturing and mounting processes. Based on a typical industry mix of products the annual capacity is approximately 200 km corresponding to a theoretical capacity of 6” IDeq of not less than 225 km. The factory is located at the harbour of Kalundborg and offers full access to and control of two independent quaysides with water depths ranging from 7 to 10 m and no tidal issues. This allows for simultaneous dual vessel operations.

    Complete flexibility 
    Choosing Flexibles, clients enjoy the additional benefit of full flexibility in terms of quayside access and utilization for mob/demob operations. Four integrated manufacturing turntables, two massive 6,000-t storage turntables, and two deep- water quay facilities provide the KAL factory with the largest turntable capacity in the flexible pipe market, offering oil companies and installation contractors the best opportunities to match vessel schedules. In combination with our dedicated load-out teams, this eliminates bottleneck issues in connection with flexible pipe system load-out operations and installation campaigns, as well as enables the production and delivery of long continuous flowlines and risers ensuring optimum, as-installed performance, safety and cost. 

    The factory is certified according to ISO 9001ISO 14001ISO 17025OHSAS 18001API MonogramAPI Q1 and Type Approval



    • Transspooling load-out from turn table to vessel on east quay 
    • Load-out on reels
    • Transspooling load-out from turn table to vessel on south quay
    • Reels on quay