• Project Management

    Every flexible pipe project is different, which is the reason why we have set up our entire value chain to enable the smoothest possible project execution. All operations are organised in a matrix of projects and supporting line departments providing the necessary resources for each given project. Our project management system is described in a Project Management and Execution Plan, which is based on our quality system as certified by API in accordance with ISO 9001 and API Q1.

    The project execution plan, known as SOLON, is key to all projects and follows IPMA (International Project Management Association) principles.

    Partnering for excellence

    Our philosophy of transparency and knowledge-sharing is manifest in our project approach, where we form project teams together with our clients to enjoy the closest possible partnership in creating flexible pipe solutions. We take responsibility for meeting all technical and functional requirements and thereby offer the most cost- effective and reliable solution.

    Projects are managed in dedicated Project Management Units, where designated project managers act as the client’s focal point of contact. By employing a series of stringent project management control measures, we ensure that we meet client expectations of reliable, high-quality, flexible pipe solutions delivered on time, to agreed specifications and within budget with a cooperative approach to project  administration and project document handling.


    All project managers is IPMA certified