• Ecotoxicology Testing

    The ecotoxicology portfolio offers a comprehensive range of marine and freshwater acute and chronic toxicity tests, bioaccumulation and biodegradation studies, which assess environmental risk of chemicals and waste water discharges. This can be performed as Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) testing or as an individual chemical component to determine the specific chemical toxicity profile. Our tests operate at 3 trophic levels.

    All testing is conducted to the principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and ISO 9001 accreditation. We pride ourselves on rigorous quality control, assuring you our results are trust-worthy and reliable. Our portfolio of tests follow standardized protocols according to OSPAR, OECD, ISO, ASTM.


    We uniquely culture our own algae, crustaceans and fish stocks, ensuring we always have a constant supply of healthy organisms. Our water system incoming from a local site, Scapa Flow, undergoes a stringent treatment process. Therefore, we have a continual supply of clean water which creates optimal conditions to conduct tests.


    Marine Ecotoxicology

    Marine Test TypeMethod
    Algae EC(r)50 72hr screening or acute toxicity test with Skeletonema costatum ISO 10253
    Copepod LC50 48hr screening or acute definitive toxicity test with Acartia tonsa ISO 14669
    Calanoid copepod early development 8-day chronic test with Acartia tonsa ISO 16778
    Fish 96hr acute toxicity limit test or LC50 definitive test with Cyprinodon variegatus OSPAR, Part B
    Fish early–life stage toxicity chronic test with Cyprinodon variegatus OECD 210
    Fish short-term toxicity chronic test on embryo and sac-fry stages with Cyprinodon variegatus OECD 212
    Sediment re-worker LC50 10-day acute toxicity test with Corophium volutator OSPAR, Part A
    Marine 28-day / 63-day biodegradation test OECD 306 closed bottle
    Marine BODIS 28-day / 63-day biodegradation test Modified ISO 10708 test for the Marine Environment
    COD analysis Potassium Dichromate Reactor Digestion method
    TOC analysis Oxidative combustion-infrared analysis
    Bioaccumulation HPLC log Pow test OECD 117
    Bioaccumulation theoretical log Pow test EPI SuiteTM

    Freshwater Test Type

    REACH Annex VII ecotoxicology testingMethod
    Algae EC(r)50 72hr screening or acute toxicity test with Pseudokirchneriella subcapitataOECD 201
    Crustacean LC50­ 48hr screening or acute toxicity test with Daphnia magnaOECD 202
    REACH Annex VII biodegradation and bioaccumulation testingMethod
    Freshwater 28day / 63day closed bottle biodegradation testOECD 301D
    Freshwater 28day CO2 evolution testOECD 301B
    COD analysisPotassium dichromate reactor digestion method
    TOC analysisOxidative combustion-infrared analysis
    Bioaccumulation HPLC Log Pow testOECD 117
    Bioaccumulation theoretical Log Pow testEPI SuiteTM
    REACH Annex VIIII ecotoxicology testingMethod
    Fish 96hr acute toxicity limit test or definitive LC50 test with Danio rerioOECD 203
    REACH Annex IX chronic ecotoxicology testingMethod
    Crustacean EC50 & NOEC 21day growth & reproduction chronic test with Daphnia magnaOECD 211
    Fish early-life stage toxicity chronic test with Danio rerioOECD 210
    Fish, short-term toxicity chronic test on embryo and sac-fry stages with Danio rerioOECD 212