• Vertical Heater Treaters

    Phase separators effectively separate and remove free water from the well stream, but emulsified water requires the application of heat and demulsifying chemicals for removal. Our field-proven, Vertical Heater Treaters effectively process inlet well fluids and break those oil/water emulsions while separating oil, gas, and water.



    How it Works:
    Well fluids enter the top section of the separator where an inlet diverter deflicts the fluid to the treater shell. Free gas and solution gas is released from the liquid and exits the top of the separator. Oil, water and emulsion flow through the downcomer pipe beneath the firebox. The heat breaks the emulsion and water is released and settles to the bottom of the treater where it is discharged to the water storage tank. The treated oil rises and exits the treater at the top of the oil settling section to the oil storage tank.



    • Heat improves separation of oil and water
    • Heat also reduces paraffin buildup on instruments, valves and pipes 
    • Mist extractor boosts efficiency
    • Pre-assembled unit allows for quick and easy installation
    • Removable firetube and stack
    • High-efficiency burner and pilot assembly
    • Temperature controller
    • Liquid gauge assemblies
    • Pressure gauge with isolating valve
    • Thermal relief valve
    • Oil/water outlet dump valves
    • Flame arrestor/burner
    • Fuel gas scrubber with high-level shutoff and drain
    • Fuel gas regulator




    Diameter x height,
    4’ x 20’6’ x 20’  8' x 20'10' x 20'
    Working pressure,
    50 or 7550 or 7550 or 7550 or 75
    Oil treating capacity, bbl/day100 - 500200 - 1000500 - 1600800 - 2750
    Gas capacity, MMCFD1 - 22 - 43 - 6 5 - 9 
    Fire box capacity, BTU/HR360,000500,0001,000,0001,300,000
    Fire box area, sq. ft. 3652100126.67
    Fire tube size16”16”24"24"
    Stack size8”8”16"16"
    Settling section volume, bbl194372112
    Total oil & water volume, bbl34.280.3143224
    Inlet size3"3"4"4"
    Oil outlet size3"3"4"4"
    Water outlet size3"3"4"4"
    Gas outlet size3"3"4"4"
    Drain size (Siphon Type)3"3"3"3"
    Water leg weir3"3"3"4"
    Relief valve size2"2"2"2"
    No. of 16" manways2222
    Shipping weight, lbs6,0008,50011,50015,750


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