• Horizontal Heater Treaters

    Phase separators effectively separate and remove free water from the well stream, but emulsified water requires the application of heat and demulsifying chemicals for removal. Our field-proven, Horizontal Heater Treaters effectively process inlet well fluids and break those oil/water emulsions while separating oil, gas, and water.

    Pre-engineered, inventoried models are eligible for "Quick Ship" on-demand delivery because we know that you need equipment on time.



    Diameter x height, feet4' x 15'6' x 15' 6' x 20'8' x 15'
    Working pressure, PSI75757525
    Oil treating capacity, bbl/day100 to 500400 to 1200500 to 1600500 to 1600
    Gas capacity, MMCFD11.523
    Fire box capacity, BTU/HR  550,000    750,000   1,000,000  1,375,000
    Fire box area, sq. ft. 5575100.5139.5
    Fire tube size12"16"16"2-14"
    Stack size12"16"16"14"
    Settling section volume, bbl21.5526869.4
    Total oil & water volume, bbl28.164.374.1115.9
    Inlet size3"4"4"4"
    Oil outlet size3"3"3"3"
    Water outlet size3"4"4"6"
    Gas outlet size3"3"3"3"
    Drain size 3"3"3"3"
    Relief valve size2"2"2"2"
    No. of 16" manways2222


    Diameter x height, feet8' x 20'10' x 20'10' x 25'10' x 30'12' x 30'
    Working pressure, PSI2525252525
    Oil treating capacity, bbl/day700 to 21001100 to 34001400 to 43001700 to 52002500 to 7700
    Gas capacity, MMCFD3.555.567
    Fire box capacity, BTU/HR 2,000,000   2,325,000  2,650,000  3,175,000  3,880,000
    Fire box area, sq. ft. 201235.5268.5320.3395.6
    Fire tube size2-14"2-18"2-18"2-18"2-24"
    Stack size14"18"18"18"24"
    Settling section volume, bbl88.4144.7179.8217.8324.7
    Total oil & water volume, bbl147.9241.6300.3355.4542.3
    Inlet size6"6"6"6"6"
    Oil outlet size3"4"4"4"4"
    Water outlet size6"6"6"6"6"
    Gas outlet size3"3"4"4"4"
    Drain size 3"3"3"3"3"
    Relief valve size2"2"2"3"3"
    No. of 16" manways22222


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