• InviziQ™ Boundary Kit

    Complimenting the InviziQ™ Pressure Sewer System, our boundary kit allows the property to be isolated from the pressurised sewer pipeline in the street.



    The Boundary Kit is an accessory product that compliments the Inviziq™ Pressure Sewer System (PSS). Allowing the property to be isolated from the pressurized sewer pipeline in the street, it is typically located adjacent to the perimeter of each property.



    Installation is typically done at the initial reticulation works phase by the installer. Reticulation Valve Kits are available in kit form inclusive of all parts for immediate installation. All kits supplied are preassembled and hydrostatically tested to 16 bar (232 psi).


    Having the ability to isolate individual properties from the main pressure sewer network provides flexibility to connect the PSS at a rate that suits the development whilst also allowing fast and simple isolation from the network if required.


    The access box is made from durable material that is clearly identifiable with the word "Sewer" clearly marked on the top of the boundary kit. It can be locked to prevent unauthorised access and to safeguard against tampering.


    There is no requirement for regular maintenance on the boundary kits, and once installed correctly they provide trouble free operation.



    All fittings are encased by the boundary box and come with a 32mm (1.3 inches) ball valve fitted with a key cap, a 32mm (1.3 inches) tee piece inspection / flushing cap complete with a unique pressure relief safety screw, and non-return valve. All fittings are manufactured using 316 grade stainless steel.