• InviziQ

    Our unique and acclaimed design InviziQ TM offers a progressive solution for managing domestic and commercial sewage in all areas. With a more efficient footprint and the capacity to control the transfer of sewage over conventional system, the InviziQ provides unlimited sewage possibilities.

    InviziQ means Invisible Intelligence, an advanced industry first development with performance, reliability and durability at the forefront of every system. Enhanced by a Drywell enclosure, coupled with a reliable transducer level sensor and smart control system, InviziQ globally raises the bar in terms of concept and design for Pressure Sewer System (PSS) technology.


    • Unique Dry Well design delivering non-confined spaces clean access to the motor and discharge hose.
    • Non-invasive solid lid conceals the unit and provides year round weather proof protection.
    • Advanced level sensor effectively handles the Stop, Run and Alarm function inside the unit. The level control is not affected by fats and/or suspended objects in the wetwell.
    • No planned maintenance with our robust grinder pump. With the pump supported from the Dry Well, no substructures are required, eliminating ragging and adding reliability of the complete unit. Easy maintenance and service with the lightweight pump configuration.


    • A variety of tank sizes and configurations to suit your needs, from the 900L (237 US Gallons) single pump for standard domestic requirements to the 2200L (581 US Gallons) dual pump option for commercial and larger lifestyles