• InviziQ™ Flushing Kit

    As a complimentary product to our InviziQ™ Pressure Sewer System (PSS), the flushing kit allows for flushing of reticulation lines in a pressure sewer network.

    The flushing point can be provided in a wide variety of enclosures. Our standard unit compromises of a polyethylene reinforced box complete with a galvanized steel powerlok lid to AS3996 Class B.

    The unit comes standard with a 50mm 316 stainless steel 90 degree swept bend and bracket, isolation valve and camlock fitting with dust cover. An optional upgrade is available with the 50mm 316 stainless assembly to include a pressure valve connection point.



    Flushing kits allow for flushing of the reticulation lines in a pressure sewer network, particularly in the early stages of a new residential development where construction of homes can take time. Alternatively, they can be used as a temporary discharge point via a tanker connection to allow for downstream maintenance of pipe work. Flushing points are typically installed at the end of the network reticulation lines and at every 450 metres of pipeline.


    Peace of mind

    The flushing point is fitted with a camlock fitting to provide trouble free connection to your preferred tanker truck. This leak proof connection gives peace of mind and is easily and quickly connected to the tanker.



    Safety has been considered with a ‘break point’ to allow for any unforeseen circumstances, such as a tanker moving significantly whilst connected to the line. Should this take place the camlock will snap, enabling the tanker to continue to move away without risking or damaging either the mains pressure sewer reticulation or tanker. Scenarios such as these can be quickly repaired, resulting in limited downtime.