• XE-3 Impeller

    The ChemineerTM XE-3 impeller is designed to provide high flow and low shear with an optimized shape to maximize mechanical strength. Designed using high tech Laser Doppler Anemometry, Digital Particle Image Velocimetry and Computational Fluid Mixing, the XE-3 impeller is the right choice for flow controlled processes.



    The XE-3 impeller is the highest efficiency turbulent flow impeller available in the marketplace. Ideal for blending, heat transfer, and solids suspension applications, it maximizes strength at lower weights compared to other axial flow impellers. This allows for longer shafts without internal support, smaller shaft diameters, and smaller seal sizes if applicable.


    • High axial flow for improved blending and solids suspension applications
    • Possible reduction in the horsepower and size of the gear drive required to achieve the desired mixing result
    • Decreases impeller weight by nearly 40% over other high efficiency impellers 
    • Longer in-tank shafts can be used without the need for steady bearings