• RL-3 Impeller

    The RL-3 ragless impeller is specifically engineered to prevent fibrous material build up. Through several key product design features, edges or protrusions that would allow fibrous material to agglomerate are eliminated.



    Our Chemineer TM RL-3 impeller is designed for applications where a ragless agitator is desired to prevent fibrous material build-up on the rotating impeller. Typical in Waste Treatment applications, the RL-3 is a rag shedding impeller which prevents build-up of fibrous materials on the impeller, while providing a strong axial flow for efficient blending and solids suspension.


    • Elimination of fibrous material handling and disposal
    • Increased safety by eliminating frequent handling of the agitator by maintenance personnel
    • Reduction in downtime and maintenance costs
    • Reduces load on agitator system such as gears, bearings, motor, shaft and impeller blades
    • Increased process up-time and elimination of manual process changes
    • Elimination of fibrous material on impeller maintains top to bottom flow pattern which improves solids suspension and blending uniformity in basin
    • Reliable and consistent discharge within plant operating permit limits


    • Impeller sizes range from lab scale to over 200" in diameter 
    • Multiple configuration and material options
    • Anoxic Basin: Start-up in 2000
    • Basin Dimensions: 40' long by 35' wide by 17' water depth
    • Plant Flow: 21 MGD average