• JT-2 Impeller

    The JT-2 impeller is used for superior blending in transitional flow. High viscosity and non-Newtonian fluids make blending much more challenging. This impeller is used after conventional turbines have lost efficiency due to viscous effects and before the need for close clearance impellers.



    The design of the Chemineer TM JT-2 impeller promotes blending by efficiently moving material in one direction in the center of the tank and the opposite direction on the outside of the tank. The increase in efficiency of this impeller comes from the improved flow pattern that greatly reduces recirculation zones that extend the blend times of other impellers. This flow pattern improves the top to bottom communication in the vessel.


    • Up to 50% reduction in power draw for the same blending performance compared with competitive impellers
    • Significantly lower total machine cost compared to competitive designs
    • Two bladed impeller for easy installation into vessels
    • Design operates in either direction                                 
    • Improved heat transfer with impeller between 70% and 90% of the tank diameter
    • Larger impeller diameter reduces the need for a close clearance impeller (Helix / Anchor) in the low transitional regime