• HE-3 Impeller

    The HE-3 impeller is an extremely efficient turbulent flow impeller for blending, heat transfer and solids suspension. Most effective for Reynolds numbers over 50, it minimizes the creation of trailing vortices and incorporates the otherwise wasted energy into macro-flow.



    Our Chemineer TM high efficiency (HE-3) impeller provides all of the benefits of more efficient agitation with very few design limitations. It has three specially designed blades,  mounted at a shallow angle, to provide a high degree of axial flow with minimal power requirements. Thus, it is able to create more liquid motion with less energy.


    • Reduced mechanical requirements
    • Reduced capital and operating costs
    • Simple installation


    • Standard sizes from 22 to 120 inches in diameter
    • Carbon steel and 304 or 316 stainless steel
    • Optional rubber covering offers resistance to both corrosion and erosion