• ChemShear Impeller

    With various processes requiring different ratios of shear and pumping, we've designed four different styles of our ChemineerTM ChemShear Impellers to best meet customer requirements. For applications requiring moderately high shear and also some level of pumping, ChemShear impellers often overcome the need for an auxiliary pumping impeller and have been used in microcroencapsulation processes.



    The ChemShear Impeller provides customized levels of shear to suit your process. With proper fluid turnover, it minimizes the need for auxiliary pumping impellers and produces the smallest particles possible.


    • Small particles possible: 2 microns achieved in processes such as micro-encapsulation
    • Traditional dispersion blades—such as the BT-6, CD-6, and D-6— can also be used in high shear applications


    • Available in four styles, with style 1 having the widest blades and style 4 the narrowest blades