• Pipeline Mixers

    Our GreercoTM High Shear Pipeline Mixers offer a wide range of products for use in continuous inline homogenization, particle size reduction or dispersion. Engineered and proven to provide many years of dependable service, the design exceeds the high quality standards necessary to achieve optimal process results and withstand the rigors of difficult processes that require high shear mixing.



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    IO&M Manual

    • Available in industrial and sanitary models
    • Single or multi-stage heads for process customization
    • The robust stator design handles severe duty better than competitive designs that utilize screen technology
    • The axial in-axial out flow path results in higher throughputs with lower horsepower requirements
    • The entire process stream is directed through the mixing head, eliminating any chance of bypassing the shear zone
    • With over six decades of successful installations, the Pipeline Mixer has earned its reputation as an excellent solution for high shear applications
    • Due to the nature of most high shear applications, we offer an extensive rental pool for confirming the impact of Greerco High Shear technology on your process

    Mixing Mechanism

    • Versatile body design allows for the use of either a single rotor-stator or tandem rotor-stators to meet desired process results
    • High speed turbine running in close proximity to a fixed stator creates intense hydraulic and shear forces
    • Tightly held tolerances on machined components allow for consistent and predictable performance


    Cost Effective Solution

    • Low Horsepower
    • Reduces initial investment and energy consumption
    • High Throughput
    • Faster processing rates improve productivity
    • Robust Design
    • Minimal downtime and maintenance costs refinement

    Optional Features

    • Alternate stators
    • Double mechanical seal
    • 440 hardened SS rotor-stator
    • Alternate motor enclosures
    • Push cart with casters for mobility
    • Jacketed body
    • Alternate seals and seal faces


    Mechanical Construction

    Industrial Model

    • 316SS wetted parts
    • Stellite® bushings
    • Single mechanical seal
    • Explosion-proof motors
    • Painted base, guard and supports
    • NPT inlet with flanged outlet

    Sanitary Model

    • 316SS wetted parts
    • FDA Teflon stator bushing
    • Sanitary, tri-clamp connections
    • Single mechanical seal
    • Easy-clean, washdown motors
    • 304SS base, guard and supports