• Homogenizers

    Our Greerco TM Homogenizer series offers a full range of tank-mounted, high shear mixers for laboratory to production scale. This design exceeds the high quality standards necessary to achieve optimal process results and withstand the rigors of difficult processes that require high shear mixing.

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    They are frequently used in applications where standard agitation technology fails to provide the desired process result or production time.

    • High-speed turbine running in close proximity to a fixed stator creates intense hydraulic and shear forces where product is broken down into its primary particle size or dispersed throughout the carrier phase
    • Tightly held tolerances on machined components allow for consistent and predictable performance
    • The robust stator design handles severe duty better than competitive designs that utilize screen technology
    • The axial in–axial out flow path results in higher throughputs with lower horsepower requirements
    • Due to the nature of most high shear applications, we offer an extensive rental pool for confirming the impact of Greerco High Shear technology on your process

    Greerco Processing Advantages Vs. Traditional Agitator Impeller Systems

    Our Homogenizer offers operating speeds and shear rates not available in traditional impeller systems. This allows the Greerco unit to dramatically reduce process times for difficult applications as well as complete complex operations where standard impeller technology isn't an option. 

    Greerco Processing Advantages Vs. Alternate High Shear Mixing Head Designs  

    The Greerco rotor-stator design is unique in that it utilizes an axial-in/axial-out flow pattern and allows for reversible operation. When operated in the forward direction, the Homogenizer creates an up-pumping umbrella flow pattern as opposed to the localized radial-out pattern offered by competitive technology. In the reverse direction, a vortex is created that can be used to incorporate solids directly into the mixing head for immediate dispersion.


    Cost Effective Solution

    • Low Horsepower
    • Reduces initial investment and energy consumption
    • High Throughput
    • Faster processing rates improve productivity
    • Robust Design
    • Minimal downtime and maintenance costs refinement


    Mechanical Construction

    Standard Features

    • 316 SS wetted parts
    • Stellite® bushings
    • Lip seal shaft sealing
    • Explosion-proof motors
    • Reversible operation
    • SS cross supports

    Optional Features

    • Flange mounted units
    • Double mechanical seal
    • 440 harded SS rotor-strator
    • Alternative motor enclosure
    • Polished wetted components