• Series F Muncher

    The Series F Muncher is a heavy duty grinder, ideal for bulk reduction, material reclamation and profit from waste.



    The operating principle is based on independent drive shafts offering greater torque and variable particle size is determined by the cutter/spacer arrangement. The unit can be supplied with a feed hopper or delivery chute to assist material entry and discharge.

    For improved processes at Bio Gas plants, the Series F Muncher has been successful in the maceration and reduction of organic waste to a small particle size, to offer a more homogeneous mixture. By introducing this homogeneous waste to digesters, gas production is increased, which is a benefit for combined heat and power systems. The need for costly disposal is also eliminated.


    • Improved manufacturing processes for the cutters ensure lower maintenance costs compared with similar machines
    • Independent drive shafts offer greater torque
    • Variable fragment size is achievable by the cutter/spacer arrangement
    • The gearboxes and cutter chamber are independently mounted on a heavy fabricated, steel structural base frame, creating both a more durable construction and making access to individual parts much easier for maintenance duties
    • Each Muncher is supplied with a programmable logic controller (PLC) to protect the machine against damage and overloads
    • Comb bars are fitted as standard to eject particles and eliminate blockages
    • Munchers can be supplied to comply with the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC