• Wastewater

    Wastewater treatment facilities utilize biological, physical and chemical processes to treat runoff water, human waste and industrial waste. For more than 75 years, our products have been effectively applied and widely used in these industrial and municipal wastewater treatment processes. We have continually enhanced the design and operational performance to be able to provide you with innovative, reliable packaged wastewater treatment solutions.

    We provide an effective combination of products, process solutions and service support programs to keep plant operations running smoothly and efficiently with little downtime and minimal maintenance. We also have the ability to design custom product or solutions to fit your critical application requirements.

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    Since 1935 we have provided efficient and reliable fluid transfer to the wastewater industry using our MoynoTM and MonoTM branded progressing cavity pump. When packaged with our grinders, screens and macerators we provide a packaged solution to help you manage your solids and keep your pipework free of blockage and flowing freely.

    Our ChemineerTM and ProchemTM agitators and KenicsTM static mixers are key components in any wastewater treatment process to ensure effective removal of chemical and biological contaminants prior to discharge into the environment. 


    Wastewater Applications

    Our products and packaged systems support all phases of the wastewater treatment process including primary treatment, secondary treatment, tertiary treatment and solids processing. 

    We specialize in the below applications.

    • Sludge - Sludge is a broad term referring to solid or semi solid materials produced during treatment of industrial or municipal wastewater.
    • Slurry - Slurry refers to a semiliquid mixture, usually of fine particles of manure, cement or coal suspended in water.
    • Polymer - Polymers in watewater treatment are use to coagulate solids so they can be removed or dewatered for further treatment.
    • Chemical Dosing - Chemicals are used in wastewater to perform a variety of functions that can include: coagulation, precipitation, oxidation, ion exchange and dissinfection. 
    • High Solids - High solids refers to the material by product of the dewatering operation. Typical solids concentration is from 15% solids to over 50% solids.
    • Solids Reduction - Solids reduction refers to the action of taking large difficult to treat solids and reducing the size of these particles to be more easily managed in the system.
    • Lime Slurry 
    • Aeration - The process of introducing air into the liquid. Air injection increases the oxygen microorganisms need to metabolize, as well as continually mixing the fluid for better contact with the microorganisms 
    • Nitrification/Denitrification - Nitrification is the microbial process by which ammonia is converted to nitrates/Denitrification is the process by which nitrates are reduced to nitrogen gas.


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