• Pulp and Paper

    The paper and paper industry is one that impacts our everyday lives. Paper is manufactured in variety of forms from craft paper to glossy magazine papers. It is a highly technical and challenging industry.


    Our ProchemTM and ChemineerTM rotating agitators and KenicsTM static mixers are utilized in all areas of the pulp mill. With extensive field experience in all applications, we can provide an optimum solution for your process and local service to help with operation questions and expansion plans. 

    Our MoynoTM and MonoTM branded progressing cavity pumps are the preferred choice because of their continuous operation with minimum maintenance. With paper being manufactured at speeds over 1200 feet per second, our reliable products are built to get the job done right. And with over 80 years of global experience, we provide the process expertise you need.

    Applications we support:

    • Stock Chests (Dilution, Storage, Broke, Rejects, Blend, Dump, Machine, Equalizing, Latency)
    • High Density Towers
    • Blow Tanks
    • Couch and Press Pits
    • Bleaching Towers
    • Recovery Operations (Black Liquor, Green Liquor, Smelt, Dregs, Tall Oil, Lime)
    • Coatings (Clay Storage, Starch Slurry, TiO2, CaCO3, Dye, Polymer Make-Up)
    • Water Treatment


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