• Mining/Mineral Processing

    The mining industry places high demands on the products designed to keep it operating. Mining minerals like gold, silver, copper and coal is challenging, and so is processing them. We’ve designed our products for application in explosives, mine dewatering and mineral processing. Our products are ideal for corrosive and erosive applications. You can rely on our products in the harshest conditions, delivering the consistent performance you need.

    Our pumps have been engineered to handle varying viscosities, and highly abrasive materials such as mineral slurries, thickened sludges, waste water and drilling muds. We also have extensive experience producing mine dewatering packages to fit the needs of our customers.



    Click here to dig deep into our mining expertise and watch our three-part webinar series covering our solutions for mine dewatering, explosives and mineral processing.


    Various applications throughout mineral processing require mixers of varying complexity. Mixers are used in autoclaves, solvent extraction and throughout general purpose areas of the facility. We have an extensive product breadth to be able to design for the general purpose mixers, as well as, the high pressure, high temperatures and harsh nature of the autoclaves. Our industry leading ChemineerTM drive impeller, KenicsTM static mixer and heat exchanger technology allows us to design and optimize the best solution for your process.

    The mining industry requires a lot from its progressing cavity pumps. A large range of media needs to be pumped with a variety of viscosity levels that can be highly abrasive. Media pumped include mineral slurries, thickened sludges, waste water, and drilling muds. Our MoynoTM and MonoTM branded progressing cavity pumps meet the demands of the mining industry. We also provide fiber glass pipe that is ideal for abrasive and corrosive applications. Click here to learn more about our piping systems. 

    Mining/Mineral Processing Applications 

    • Pressure Oxidation Autoclaves
    • Mine Site Dewatering
    • AN Emulsion / Bulk Explosive pumping
    • Explosive sensitizing
    • Settling Pond clean up 
    • Flotation Tanks Circuit Mixing 
    • AN Emulsion Cooling
    • AN Emulsion Blending PlantChemical/polymer dosing
    • Gland Flush Water for Large Centrifugal Pump
    • Long Distance Slurry Transfer
    • Anti-Corrosive Piping System
    • Caustic and Cyanide transfer
    • Thickener underflow pumps
    • Flocculants transfer
    • Tailings disposal
    • Grouting/Shotcreting
    • Solid Separation for sludge
    • High Pressure Pipe/Pump Transfer
    • Non-metallic Domestic Operations
    • Ore Conditioning (Flotation)


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