• Food and Beverage

    Today the food and beverage industry has many requirements and demands for progressing cavity pumps. A large focus is centered around the ability to stay in compliance with regulations and provide a cost effective solution for their pumping needs. Food and beverage applications require pumps that meet 3-A Sanitary Standards in the United States and comply with EHEDG, BISSC, and FDA Regulations.

    Our approach to selecting the best product for the food and beverage industry ensures that you get an individual and tailored solution that's right for your process. We can test and analyze a sample to identify the correct material selection for a hygienic or non-hygienic pump. We can also supply a macerator to prevent pump, or pipework blockages or utilize the advantages of the progressing cavity pump principle to avoid damage to a shear sensitive product.


    Our Sanitary products are designed and manufactured to meet these specifications as well as other common customer requirements such as ease of cleaning and operational safety. Our pumps utilize the cleaning in place (CIP) process which utilizes by-pass ports in both the suction housing and discharge reducer. Most food and beverage industries utilize the CIP process of circulating detergents and chemical sterilants for cleaning purposes. The CIP process increases production, increases cost savings, improves hygienic performance, and provides greater safety.

    Pumps in the food and beverage industry must also be capable of handling a range of product from highly viscous to watery. Progressing cavity pumps are able to pump this range of product and do so more gently than alternatives such as rotary lobe pumps. Most rotary lobe pumps are not able to pump liquids gently enough in order to avoid high sheering compared to progressive cavity pump.

    Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

    Hygienic Pumps

    • Manufactured from food-approved materials, these have a polished stainless steel construction and a one-piece suction chamber to reduce the risk of product contamination.
    Transfer Pumps
    • Constructed with interchangeable components and sealed pin joints, transfer pumps are designed to ensure reliable operation and a long service life when transferring food and drink products.

    Widethroat Pumps 

    • Feature an enlarged inlet and screw conveyor to assist viscous products into the pumping element. Dry solids approaching 40%, such as slurries or thick non-flowing pastes can easily be pumped.
    Dosing Pumps
    • Their smooth action and output proportional to speed provides a high degree of accuracy and control. Ideal for applications where relatively small amounts of intermittent or continuous product is being added to the mix, such as food ingredients.


    • A range of grinders incorporating cutters to macerate solids within a flow and prevent pump or pipework blockages. Especially beneficial in the reduction of waste, or to help in the biological breakdown of waste in the recycling process.
    Packaged Solutions
    • Muncher can be packaged with a transfer pump or widethroat pump to simultaneously macerate and pump a product, smoothly and efficiently.



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