• Corn Wet Milling

    Corn wet milling products include starches, sweeteners, alcohols, gluten meal, proteins, and corn oil.  Further processing and fermenting of starch and sugars in the mill or specialty plants produce value added products such as amino acids, ethanol, proteins, and polylactic acid which is used in bio-degradable plastics.



    Corn refiners process corn into different components such as starch, germ, fiber, and gluten to process it further for additional end uses.  With processing done in dry mills or wet mills, mixing and agitation is central to the performance of a corn wet milling plant.

    Our ChemineerTM agitators and KenicsTM static mixers are utilized throughout the corn wet milling process. Having evolved our designs for fermentation processes to provide increased capability to producers, we are a global leader in agitators and static mixers to this important processing industry.

    Applications we support:

    • Steepwater
    • Mill
    • Feed area
    • Starch modification
    • Refinery
    • Oil processing
    • Ethanol production
    • Fermentation/Bioprocessing
    • Waste treatment

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