• Bio Technology

    The Bio Technology market is on the leading edge of technology changes. With new products continuously under development, agitation and mixing is used throughout the process for blending, solids handling including incorporation/dissolving/suspension, mass transfer, and solids and heat transfer. The scale for bio technology reactors and support units range from a few liters to several cubic meters and from small laboratory units to large scale fermenters.



    Our ChemineerTM, KenicsTM, and GreercoTM products are utilized throughout the Biotechnology applications, providing you with experience in designs including large fermenters with BT-6 impellers, small bottom entering bio-reactors, Kenics static mixers, heat exchangers and in-line tubular reactors, and Greerco high shear mixers.

    In addition to the process and mechanical requirements, quality control reports and material traceability is vital for the proper validation of the process.  From start-up to production requirements, we provide a quality control dossier specific to your project.

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