• Optional Well Pressures

    The LineMinder Logging system is able to display well pressures where suitable sensors are connected. These signals are input into the system through the well pressure interface box, which is connected to the LineMinder Logging system through a serial bus. The box is available in Rigsafe and ATEX Zone 2 versions.



    Through the well pressures interface box, up to four well pressures can be displayed on the LineMinder Logging main screen (not available with the LineMinder Slickline).

    Well pressure signals (maximum of three) can be shown on the Trend Display screen of the LineMinder Logging, giving the operator direct visible feedback on the main job parameters.

    The pressures are recorded together with depth, speed and tension which simplifies job analysis and reporting. Each well pressure can be assigned with a specific name. This name is used as reference in each of the display locations: main screen, recording files and trend chart.

    For full details, please reference our datasheet.