• Optional Data Forwarding

    The LineMinder data forwarding box is required to interface with logging systems. Warrior and Eclipse systems are currently supported as standard. Other systems can be developed upon request.



    Eclipse (Serial):
    When using the Eclipse system, the data forwarding box receives depth, speed and tension data from the system via serial communication. The Eclips data is displayed on the LineMinder screen and commands (e.g. set depth) given on LineMinder will be sent through the data forwarding box to the Eclips system. THe physical connection type is serial RS-232 with full handshake.

    Warrior (Ethernet):
    When using the Warrior system, the data forwarding box sends depth, speed and tension data to the Warrior system via Ethernet. Commands (e.g. set depth) given by the Warrior system are processed by the LineMinder system. On the Warrior system, SmartOffice needs to be installed. This program is responsible for the Ethernet communication with the Warrior system.

    For full details, please reference our datasheet.