• LineMinder Logging

    The LineMinder is a wireline display that provides depth, speed and tension, with a safety shutdown function on speed and tension, and features a full screen trend display. Optionally, the LineMinder Logging version can be extended with Serial or Ethernet forwarding and a Configurable Well Pressure Display.


    LineMinder products are state of the art, rugged, high brightness capacitive touch panel screens. They are available in either 7" or 10" versions for ATEX Zone 2 Areas (with USB connections for data export) or in 10” for safe area operations. The ATEX versions are rated for operation between-20°C (-4°F) to 50 °C (122°F) and can be stored between -40°C (-40°F) to 60°C (140°F). For full details see our datasheet.


    Standard Software:


    • Tension sound and action alarm
    • Depth surface sound and action alarm
    • Total depth sound and action alarm
    • Automatic recording of depth, speed, tension and differential tension
    • Set depth after confirmation
    • Reset tension after confirmation
    • Reset differential tension
    • Test sounder/shutdown output
    • Override alarms
    • Wheel slip correction
    • Depth and tension deviation alarms
    • Depth correction by shim factor
    • Tension correction by 10-step calibration
    • Imperial and metric display selection
    • Speed alarm
    • Download via USB: recordings, events and parameters

    Logging Specific Software:


    • Trend chart displaying up to three (3) curves from depth, speed, tension or well pressures
    • Well pressure monitoring
    • Data forwarding capability 
    • Differential tension sound and action alarm





    Hazardous Area Classifcation
      RigsafeATEX Zone 2Measuring HeadUSBData ForwardingWell Pressures
    LineMinder Logging Panelmount7" XX X * *
    LineMinder Logging Panelmount10"X X XX* *


    *Note: Options that require additional hardware and special unit configuration.