• Rolligon 6X6 Model 6660 


    The Rolligon Model 6660 is a 6x6 vehicle designed for medium cargos in areas that require extremely low ground pressure.  It is ideal for material transport, dredge support with rear winch and A-Frame, and oil field servicing work. It is also ideal for pipeline stringing when connected to the Rolligon Pipe Trailer.  The Model 6660 is used extensively in environmentally sensitive areas, shallow coastal zones, marshes, or any other industry that abandons the main road.



    • Average loaded ground pressure with standard tires: 3.06 psi (0.215 kg/cm2)
    • Land cargo capacity: 20,000 lbs. (6804 kg)
    • Amphibious cargo capacity: 7500 lbs. (3402 kg)
    • Maximum Speed - Land: 18 mph (32 km/hr)
    • Maximum speed - Amphibious: 3 mph (4.8 km/hr)
    • Engine: Cummins, Deere, 140 to 234 hp
    • Transmission : Power-shift
    • Open operator seat: Standard, one man place
    • Enclosed cabin available: Option one, two, three, and four man
    • Rear Cargo Space: 8 ft X 12 ft (2.4 x 3.7 m)
    • Tires, Standard: Rolligon 54x68-18
    • Construction: Structural steel frame and cargo deck with aluminum operator station
    • Steering, Articulated hydraulic power