• E-Tanks 


    Sand Storage Tanks and Belt Conveyors
    NOV APPCO E-Tanks:

    These portable NOV APPCO storage units provide up to 5,000 cu.ft. volume per silo with a self-contained bucket elevator and dust collection system in an easily moveable and erectable configuration.

    Multiple Sand Storage units, when erected together, may be filled by a single conveyor system from either rail cars or trucks.


    NOV APPCO E-Tanks
    4,000 & 5,000 cu.ft.
    12'-9" Diameter, Type “E”

    • Sand Storage Silo, bottom cone and first 6' high shell ring 1/4" plate
    • 3/16" checker plate decking on silo base
    • Handrail around roof perimeter
    • Safety cage ladder from silo base to roof
    • 4" fill pipe 4'-0" above grade
    • APPCO Model DCS-260 roof-mounted silo dust collector
    • Silo includes internal bucket elevator
    • Electric drive motor with torque arm speed reducer
    • V-belt drive, drive guard
    • Standard 460-volt, 3-phase, 60-cycle wiring from the motor to a panel on silo with combination starter-disconnect, and with start/stop push button station. Other voltage and phases available.
    • Approx. wt.  28,000 lbs. 4,000 cu.ft. = 28,000 lbs.
    • Approx. wt.  34,000 lbs. 5,000 cu.ft. = 34,000 lbs.
    • One year warranty