• Trailer Mounted Hydration Units


    NOV's Pressure Pumping Equipment group trailer mounted hydration units deliver the most reliable operation and precise automated control. They are ideal for high pressure pumping and the perfect fit for today's modern fracturing treatments. The trailer mounted unit is designed to create the necessary time and energy required for on-the-fly hydration of fracturing gels. The use of hydration units allow service companies to eliminate pre-gel operations that can result in lost profit due to un-used gelled fluid and costly disposal.



    • Automatic tub level system to maintain tank volume
    • Automatic liquid chemical system (HYDRATRAC or ECAMS) to precisely meter gel, KCL, and other liquid chemicals based on suction rate
    • Recirculation system to roll tank before job
    • Dual liquid gel pumping systems
    • KCL additive system
    • Real time measurement of viscosity and/or pH exiting fluid
    • Dry mix systems
    • Cold weather or high ambient options available (including cab with heat and A/C)
    • 270+ barrel tank capacity