• Trailer Mounted Fracturing Blenders


    NOV's Pressure Pumping Equipment group trailer mounted blending systems are the perfect fit for today's modern fracturing treatments. They deliver the most reliable operation, precise automated control and wide range of operating flow rates. Our trailer blenders are designed to meet the requirements of a vast array of jobs ranging from low rate cross-linked gel fracs to high-rate slick water jobs without modification.


    • NOV FRACTRAC and ECAM systems for accurately proportioning proppant and chemicals for automated blender options
    • Field proven tub designs (open and closed) for mixing high concentration fracturing slurries
    • Maintenance friendly design
    • Up to eight (8) chemical systems available (dry or liquid) with a wide variety of styles and deliver rates available
    • Choice of one to four field tested and calibrated proppant augers in several available configurations and sizes
    • Fixed or swing out auger systems
    • Multiple sensor options
    • Options for dual dry chemical feeders with seven (7) auger ranges available
    • Control systems available in multiple languages
    • Single and dual manifold designs
    • Cold weather options available
    • Conventional, twin and slip stream designs