• Truck Mounted Chemical Additive Unit


    NOV's Pressure Pumping Equipment group Truck Mounted Chemical Additive Units are ideal for small locations and rugged terrain and can be built on a wide variety of chassis. The units are typically equipped with up to seven chemical pumps. Customers frequently integrate these valuable units into frac spreads requiring less chemicals in tight locations.


    • CHEMTRAC or ECAMS control system for automated proportioning of unit mounted chemicals to up to nine (9) different suction rate sources
    • Seven (7) custom designed chemical circuits
    • Single tube coriolis, turbine, or positive displacement flow meters
    • Custom designed hydraulic system utilizing power from main truck engine
    • Pump cleaning and flush system
    • Removable totes for chemical loading
    • Simple controls and quick operator training period
    • Wide variety of pump types such as triplex, progressive cavity, gear, etc.
    • Hydraulically powered tote stirrers
    • DOT certified
    • Cold weather and desert options available