• Skid Mounted Chemical Additive Unit


    NOV's Pressure Pumping Equipment group Skid Mounted CAS units can be built for onshore or offshore operations. Offshore unit designs incorporate years of experience in combating harsh ocean environments to produce an effective and long lasting piece of equipment. Additionally, the units can be configured for controlling and supplying gel hydration units and can include an onboard centrifugal boost pump. Skid frames can be designed, built, tested and certified to DNV lifting certifications. CE marking, zone certification and other country specific certifications are also available.



    • CHEMTRAC or ECAMS control system for automated proportioning of unit mounted chemicals with up to nine (9) different suction rate sources
    • Up to eleven (11) chemical circuits
    • Removable totes for chemical loading
    • Simple controls and quick operator training period
    • Wide variety of pump types such as triplex, progressive cavity, gear, etc.
    • Single tube coriolis, turbine, or positive displacement flow meters
    • High corrosion resistant designs including abundant use of galvanizing, stainless steel and copon coatings
    • Integrated drip pans in skid frame
    • Hydraulically powered tote stirrers
    • Cold weather options available