• 30,000 psi “NOLA” Pressure
    Equipment System

    The system comprises of a Hydraulic Control Module, a Grease Injection Control Module and a full set of 3 9/16” pressure control equipment.

    WPCE 30,000 psi “NOLA” Pressure Equipment System pdf


    This system is comprised of a 

    • Tool Trap
    • Pump in Sub
    • Wireline BOPs
    • Hydraulic Cable Clamp
    • Quick Test Sub
    • Lubricators
    • Tool Catcher
    • Slickline Grease Injection Head with Transport Frame
    • Braided Line Grease Injection Head with Transport Frame
    • Dual Pack-Off for Braided Line
    • Hydraulic Control Module
    • Grease Injection Control Module
    • Transport Frame with Integral Grease Injection
    • Transport Frames for all WPCE
    • C-Table for derrick rig-up 


    • 3 9/16” ID
    • All the components of industry normal 10,000 psi pressure control strings
    • Single and Dual BOPs with shear/seal and multiline rams
    • Hydraulic Cable Clamp
    • Grease head with de-gassing feature
    • Quick test feature on each lubricator joint
    • Patented Constrictor 30,000 psi rated multiline inner seals
    • Full third party certification
    • Electric driven modules (no use of compressed air)
    • Hydraulic quick unions to enable efficient rig up and rig down