• Wireline Grease Injection
    Control Head

    The NOV Elmar Grease Injection Control Head is designed to create a seal around a moving wireline, allowing intervention access to wells under pressure.

    Wireline Grease Injection Control Head Pdf


    Positioned at the uppermost point of the pressure control equipment string, the NOV Elmar Grease Injection Control Head comprises two major sub-assemblies, the stuffing box or pack-off and the flotube assembly.

    The stuffing box is designed to pack-off on a stationary wireline by means of a pack-off rubber energised by hydraulic pressure. 

    Two types of flotube assemblies are available, the "solid” type and the “concentric” type, as described in this data sheet. The concentric flotube assembly is made up of an inner flotube sized to fit tightly around the wireline and an outer sleeve to support the assembly.

    To prepare for operations, the wireline is threaded through the components of the NOV Elmar Grease Injection Control Head before the rope socket and wireline head are made-up. When entering a well under
    pressure, viscous grease is injected into the flotubes at a pressure minimum 20% greater than the existing well pressure. The grease fills the annular space between the inner wall of the flotube and the outside surface of the wireline, forming a liquid seal that contains the well fluids while allowing wireline movement.

    The NOV Elmar Grease Injection Control Head is supplied with pin threaded connections top and bottom. The upper pin is 2" line pipe for connection of a line wiper. The bottom connection can be mated to a quick-union, or a ball check valve/tool catcher combination. An optional Line Wiper is normally connected on top of Stuffing Box.

    When changing line size, a different line size kit is needed for the stuffing box.

    Recommended flotube clearance + 0.003" to 0.008".