• Wireline Shear Seal Valve

    The Patent Pending NOV Elmar Wireline Shear Seal Valve is a full opening, hydraulically controlled, ball valve normally installed below the wireline valve and above the wellhead valves. It's primary function is to shear wireline and seal off the through bore.

    WPCE Wireline Shear Seal Valve pdf  


    The assembly consists of a trunnion ball, cutter inserts, seal carrier and hydraulic actuator. When actuated the ball rotates to a closed position making the cutter inserts cleanly cut the wireline. Cams around the trunnion ball allow for the seal carrier to disengage during the cut and reengage to create an elastomeric seal on the trunnion ball OD. The design utilises a manual closing system as a secondary function and comes with mechanical locks. 

    The WSSV (Patent Pending) is available in all common bore sizes and comes with Quick Union connections as standard. Flanged options are available upon request.


    • Compatible with all quick unions 
    •  Working Pressure rating up to 15,000 psi 
    •  Manifold type "A" 
    •  Elastomeric seals are hydrogenated Nitrile unless otherwise requested 
    •  Manufacturing standard
      -   PSL 3 and PR1-   PSL 4 and PR2 optional 
    •  Actuator hydraulic supply: 2,500 psi
      (compatible with standard wireline BOP control modules) 
    •  Material class
      -   EE - Sour Service
      -   HH - Sour Service (optional) 

     Ball Configurations 

    •  Single
      -   Single cutter ball, shear/seal down
      -   Single blind ball, seal up/down (non cutting) 
    •  Dual
      -   Dual cutter ball, shear/seal down, shear/seal down
      -   Single cutter ball, shear/seal down, blind ball seal up/down 

     Cutting performance 

    •  6 x 0.125" slickline 
    •  4 x 0.140" slickline 
    •  4 x 7/32" electric line 
    •  3 x 9/32" electric line 
    •  2 x 5/16" electric line 
    •  1 x 5/16" dyform 
    •  1 x 0.472" 7 conductor 
    •  1 x 0.520" 7 conductor 
    •  1/4" capillary tubing 
    •  Micro coil 

     API 6A Temperature Class 

    •  P-V standard 
    •  L/K-V optional 
    •  P-X optional 
    •  Applicable Standards  
    •  API 6A 
    •  NACE MR 0175 
    •  SI 289, 1974 
    •  SI 913, 1996 
    •  SI 2306, 1998 - PUWER 


    •  Inconel Inlay 
    •  Inconel Ball