• Wellhead Adapter Flange

    The NOV Elmar Wellhead Adapter Flange provides a means of connecting the wireline valve and lubricator assembly to the wellhead
    in a safe and secure manner.

    WPCE Wellhead Adapter Flange pdf


    The NOV Elmar Wellhead Adapter Flange consists of a quick union machined on a standard API flange. The upper end has a standard Bowen type, Otis type or Elmar quick union and can be supplied with a blanking plug and collar if required.

    NOV Elmar Wellhead Adapter Flanges are available in various bore sizes and working pressures up to 15,000 psi.

    NOV Elmar will design and manufacture well-head adapter flanges for all API and Russian “GOST 28919” standard models. Elmar Adapter Flanges are fully traceable and certified to API 6A.